Whether you’ve been on a transformational journey for decades, or are just stepping onto the path, you probably know that real change, lasting change rarely happens overnight. It doesn’t come from simply reading a great book or attending an inspiring talk. And even powerful epiphanies or spiritual experiences—as inspiring as they might be—are insufficient to transform deeply rooted emotional patterns and habits having a lifetime of momentum behind them.

Within us lie the answers to every issue or problem we face in our lives. Frequently however, those answers are clouded by thoughts, fears, worries or illusionary goals and ambitions that distort our view of reality and limit our ability to perceive the truth.

If You Want To:

•    Find Your Way to Greater Consciousness

•    Learn How to Co-Create Your Life

•    Express Your True Nature and Talents

•   Understand AND Embrace Your Freedom


Personal astrological and life coaching services.

As an astrological consultant, I translate the ancient symbols of astrology into plain English, helping my clients understand the current events of their lives with added depth and meaning. Should my clients wish, I can continue to work with them in an ongoing way to implement the changes they seek.